Alarm Installation

Need something to alert you if someone unauthorised tries to enter your premises? You might think the chances of anyone trying are slim, but you’ll soon regret it if someone does get in. The cost of a proper alarm system is much lower than the cost of replacing stolen items or repairing criminal damage. So it makes sense to take precautions.

Looking for an alarm system for your home, office, or business premises? The team at Safe and Sound are alarm installers covering all the UK. Get in touch today to sort out your own business or domestic alarm installation. Give us a call on 0844 3352522 for a faster response.

It’s nice to think you or your business won’t ever be struck by crime, but statistics aren’t quite as optimistic. According to a study commissioned by Victim Support and ADT 51% of small and medium-sized businesses are are targeted by criminals. On average, each crime costs a business £2,625. No matter the size of your business, that’s a hefty sum. In some cases enough to put you out of business.

Without proper intruder alarms, you make things easier for thieves and vandals. With no alarm, they can get in and out with no hassle. In a lot of cases, the mere sight of an alarm is enough to keep intruders at bay. If intruders don’t see the alarm, or try their luck anyway, the deafening noise is enough to get them out. Or at the very least alert you to their presence.

As well as keeping unwanted people out, burglar alarms will also make your premises cheaper to insure. A location with a proper alarm system is seen as less of a risk by insurance companies, so you’ll save on your insurance premiums.

You needn’t worry about a new alarm being difficult to use. We’ll show you and your employees how to use it, so there’s no confusion. Installation is simple too. Even easier if you have an old alarm system. In many cases it’s easier to make use of the existing wiring, so we can install your new system faster than you’d think.

A new alarm system is perfect in conjunction with a CCTV system, or our keyholding and alarm response service. Safe and Sound can remotely monitor your premises, so we can spring into action if something goes wrong and keep you or your staff away from harm.

Stop constantly worrying about your business or home’s safety. With an alarm system, you’ll know exactly when there’s any trouble. Get in touch with Safe and Sound today and we can start looking at the best alarm system for you. Give us a call on 0844 3352522 to speak sooner.

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